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340 matching companies

11th Hour Theatre Company

1812 Productions

1st Street Players

5 Shorts Project of CultureTrust Philadelphia

A Different Path Films


Act II Playhouse

Acting Naturally Inc.

Acting Without Boundaries

Actor's Playground

Adventures in Theater History: Philadelphia

Alexander Technique Philadelphia

All American Artists

Allens Lane Art Center

Allison Kelly

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Alterra Productions

Anastassia Vertjanova

Ants on a Log

Aporia Artists Collective

Applied Mechanics

ArcheDream for Humankind

Arden Professional Apprentice Class 25

Arden Theatre Company

Argent Combat


August Wilson Consortium

Automatic Arts

Azuka Theatre

Azuka Theatre and Teatro del Sol Show Art

Azuka Theatre and Teatro del Sol


Beacon Theatre Productions

Benjamin Behrend X Logan Gabriel Schulman

BetaMale Productions

Biello Martin Studio


Blair Victoria

Bomba Fire Productions

Brainchild Stageworkx

Bravo Theatre Company

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Brenden Dahl

Brian Sanders' JUNK

Bright Invention

Bristol Riverside Theatre

Broadway Dreams

Bucks County Center for the Performing Arts

Bucks County Playhouse

Cabaret Divas

Camden Repertory Theater

Capacity Interactive

Cassandra Lewis

Chickadee Theatre Company

Chris Davis


Cirque du Nuit

Cirque Us

Coffee and a Play

Commentary - Free Fringe Philly

Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company

Community Capital: an Afrofuturism South Philly Walking Experience

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