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Lantern Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT

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2023 Philly Theatre Week

2023 Philly Theatre Week

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Other Orbits

Applied Mechanics gives a sneak peak into the world of Other Orbits!!!!

Apr 17, 2023
Lights up on a world 10,000 years in the future. A distant planet where colonization has tried and failed, once again. The humans have either moved on or merged with the creatures, tech and detritus of the planet, and things are changing fast. How do a walrus, a bacteria, a blackberry,
Slaughtered Hog Production Photograph

Labor Unions Aren’t the Villains and Southerners Don’t Kiss Their Cousins

Apr 11, 2023

by Caitlin Green

Theatre Philadelphia and thINKingDANCE continue our partnership, begun in 2018, bringing coverage and new p
Johnny Depp!

A Prospective of Jenna Kuerzi's Johnny Depp! (A Retrospective on Late Stage Capitalism)

Mar 30, 2023
By Mackenzie Raine Kirkman Theatre Philadelphia Content + Criticism Cohort member Mackenzie Raine Kirkman speaks with Jenna Kuerzi about Philly Theatre Week
CCC Show Art

From the Content + Criticism Cohort: Philadelphia Theatre Reviews

Mar 28, 2023
This past fall, Theatre Philadelphia's Content + Criticism Cohort joined thINKingDANCE for a workshop on reviewing theatre with a dance and movement perspective. Afterwards, Content + Criticism Cohort members reviewed shows and crafted reviews utilizing this perspective through the lens of the a
Untitled Raccoon Play Photograph

Gauri Mangala and smj discuss “Untitled Raccoon Play”

Mar 27, 2023
Philly Theatre Week - Gauri Mangala and smj discuss “Untitled Raccoon Play” Theatre Philadelphia Criticism Cohort member Gauri Mangala speaks with playwright smj abo
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