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Cannonball Festival

After “making a splash” during the 2021 Fringe Festival, Cannonball Festival is back with Miniball. This eclectic, weeklong performance festival will feature seven extraordinary shows from risk-taking independent artists that run the gamut from contemporary circus, erotic performance and burlesque to clown and immersive works. The festival will feature 20 performances and events over six days alongside a vibrant Garden Bar, taking place April 3-8 at the Maas Building, 1320 N. 5th St.

Cannonball Festival presents risk-taking independent artists in back-to-back performances next to delicious lounge spaces, fostering creative collisions and community conversation. Cannonball disrupts traditional arts presenting models by centering artist-to-artist curation, pooling and redistributing resources to provide small-scale, high-impact production opportunities for wild, under-resourced performances, and building a sustainable arts ecosystem from the ground up. 

In its inaugural year in 2021, Cannonball produced 28 unique works over 21 days for 150 performances in a single venue during the Philadelphia Fringe, welcoming over 2500 audience members and winning 3 Fringie Awards. In 2022, Cannonball will return to the Maas Building and expand to the nearby Icebox Project Space, offering even more production and presentation opportunities for independent artists from Philadelphia and beyond.

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