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Make a Donation!

Folks often ask us what it is we do. The short answer is, we are Philly Theatre’s biggest cheerleaders! 

From increasing visibility to productions happening around the region, leading crucial programs like the Barrymores and Philly Theatre Week, to creating and facilitating equitable change with our Anti-Racism Action Committee, we are here for audiences, artists, and theatres alike.

When COVID-19 hit our community we:

  • Raised and distributed $345,000 to 487 Philly theatre workers through Theatre Philadelphia’s Emergency Relief Program.
  • Offered our advertising products at a Pay What You Can rate to support companies and artists who continued to produce virtual and alternative theatre during COVID-19, and shared this work with audiences around the region.
  • Invited guest speakers to lead our community through topics on health and safety protocols, digital accessibility, and virtual tools for digital theatre.
  • Held open office hours to make space for community members to share their concerns and be supported in re-opening efforts.

What have we done lately?

We’re redefining arts coverage! When theaters approached us with concerns about media coverage in the city, we: 

  • Created a partnership with thINKingDANCE to underwrite critical pieces about local theater.
  • Communicated the community’s concerns and developed relationships with local publications.
  • Utilized the platform of Philly Theatre Week to get more media coverage for theatre companies of all sizes.
  • Created the Content & Criticism Cohort to cultivate theater writers in our city.

We’re bringing back the Barrymore Awards! 

  • We’re excited to prepare for the return of the Barrymore Awards in Fall 2023 to honor and recognize a year of theatre!
  • We’re working with our Barrymore Oversight Committee to make the awards process more inclusive.

We’re celebrating Philly Theatre Week! 

  •  We’re highlighting our first-ever Pay What You Can Philly Theatre Week ticketing model to create access and encourage audience members to try theater for the first time, or try a new company they’ve never attended before.

With more than 100 theatres and independent producers in our region, we’re excited to showcase all the ways in which theatre continues to thrive. We remain dedicated to the artists, audiences, and producers that make Philadelphia a world-renowned theatre destination.

Will you support us?


Donate to Theatre Philadelphia

Your donation supports Theatre Philadelphia's Emergency Relief and program administration, initiatives that serve Philadelphia's organizations, artists, and audiences, and our mission to promote the Philadelphia region's diverse theatre community.

You can donate online. Or, you can send a check to:

Theatre Philadelphia
1315 Walnut St
Studio 732
Philadelphia, PA 19107

For more information, contact Theatre Philadelphia at [email protected]. Thank you for your contribution!

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