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Feb 18 2018

WOLFCRUSH: A workshop reading of a queer werewolf play

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WOLFCRUSH (A Queer Werewolf Play): A Workshop Reading

Sunday, February 18th, 7:00pm

Free with RSVP


ON THE ROCKS is the collaborative works of director Elaina Di Monaco and playwright Haygen Brice Walker. We are ambitious queer millennial disasters and there’s an audience for that. Haygen mostly writes and Elaina mostly directs, but the best idea always wins. We make theatre-ish experiences that don’t force people to sit silently in a dark room for two hours. Our work is bold, messy, fucked up, unapologetic, queer, stupid, progressive, millennial and has recently included a lot of fake blood (that might be a phase). ​ We create live, moving theatrical performance. The audience often has to move through the space. If they can sit without squirming, we think that speaks more to their character than to our work. We never want our audience to settle in or get too comfortable. That’s not why people go to the theatre. I mean, HELL… most people DON’T go to the theatre anymore. We’re trying to change that. We want the booty poppin’, margarita drinkin’, Netflix lovin’ generation to GTFO of the house and see some live performance, so we’re making something just for them. Our audience wants risk, new ideas, foul language, a challenge, hashtags, sex, gore and surprise. We make them sign a waiver to enter the space and that allows us to do pretty much anything we want. We believe in silly, raunchy, shocking work that asks tough questions in unique ways. Our work evokes gasps, cackles, eye rolls and “oh hell no’s!”. Then you can talk shit about it later. We want our reviews to be incredible or awful- never mediocre. If you see something we make, you’ll either love it or hate it. Either way, you’ll have a memorable experience.




Elaina Di Monaco
Haygen-Brice Walker
Campbell O'Hare
Estimated Run Time
130 Minutes
Show Type
Philly Theatre Week


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