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Unattended Baggage

UNATTENDED BAGGAGE is a collective of writers, directors, producers, visual artists, theater makers, filmmakers, actors, sound designers, and everything in between with an emphasis on LGBT/Queer artists and subject material.

Our goal is to create engaging live performances and creative, subversive content produced in New York, Philadelphia, and sometimes beyond. We reject the notion that we must be categorized into one box (or suitcase). We pair theater with science, technology, sound, visual media. We make exploratory theater that draws from unlikely source materials that can be characterized as genre work: documentary/autobiographical/historical texts, horror/sci-fi, and the exploration of subcultures. We have performed everywhere from bedrooms, kitchens, the streets of New York, to traditional (and non traditional) theater spaces. We create memorable and engaging theatrical work for (and by) underrepresented communities. So far, we've performed in NYC, California, Maine, Pennsylvania and Edinburgh, Scotland. Where should we lay our bags down next?

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