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Apr 5 - May 2 2021

Mallbodies, A Performative Elegy to the American Shopping Mall


Shopping malls hold a strong place in American culture as well as personal culture. Mallbodies, is a soundwalk performance dedicated to - and in critique of - our experience and memory of the American shopping mall. This project is designed to be listened to by individual audience members using headphones while exploring a shopping mall of their choosing. Mallbodies explores the origins of the shopping mall, our attraction to it, our histories within it, and how malls could function today and into the future. Mallbodies is performed for an audience of one (or do it with a friend!) as they stream the series of tracks on a playlist on the Mallbodies website: www.mallbodies.biz. It is pre-recorded and can be listened to anytime from March 18th through May 18th, 2021.

Mallbodies is a self-guided immersive experience that lasts a little over an hour, though you may decide to pause the audio at times and spend more time in certain locations. Mallbodies requires a smart device to play the project as well as headphones or other listening devices. Proper footwear is recommended and carrying water would be helpful. For the duration of the performance, we suggest the audience member stress extreme caution and take seriously the proper COVID-19 precautions (the use of hand sanitizer stations, wearing of a mask, keeping appropriate distance). As an extra defense, please reach out to your local public health administration and research local indoor retail business guidelines. At any point the audience member feels hesitant or unsafe they should leave the mall.

Philly Theatre Week: Thursday, April 22 - Sunday, May 2
Audio Performance
Devised, Audioplay - Access any time with registration

Philly Theatre Week Registration: Click Here to access Mallbodies. We encourage you to support Mallbodies by making a Pay What You Can contribution! To proceed, click "Buy Tickets" and enter the amount you would like to contribute.


Estimated Run Time
1 hour
Show Type
Virtual EventDevisedPhilly Theatre Week


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