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Mar 23 - Apr 2 2023

Freedom's Eve


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On the eve of the signing of the “Emancipation Proclamation,” the Day family, reeling from the death of their beloved mother Ellen, contemplates what life will be like when granted freedom without their matriarch. Instilled with her values, each rests with the prospect of freedom, whether through prayer and worship or through the physical, emotional and spiritual scars that speak loudly and clearly in the waning hours leading up to an existence they and millions of their brethren have long awaited.

World Premiere, BIPOC Stories, Film Screening
Online Event

Philly Theatre Week:
Thursday, March 23-Sunday, April 2

Pay What You Can Availability:
80 Tickets

How PWYC Ticket Donations Support Leonard Dozier:
First, thank you Philly Theatre Week for this opportunity and for the amazing tribute to theater you provide each year. In June 2021, an uncommon surgery for a recently discovered uncommon condition would lead to life altering complications, which have led to my being permanently disabled and forced to end what was a wonderful career as an actor, voice actor, singer, writer and producer. Still wanting to be of some use to the world of the arts I decided to produce a story I had actually commissioned to be written in 2019 shortly before Covid, feeling it was finally the right time to tell a story that pays homage to one of the most important days in history for African-Americans. At a time where I certainly needed to save all of the money I could considering the sudden and life-altering circumstances of my life, I wanted to perhaps "go out" telling a story that would foster the artistic, spiritual and even historical ascent of humanity.' Equally as important, I wanted a vehicle by which my actors and director would be able to receive lifetime residuals, which means more to me than can be described here. As such, your donations and ticket sales will not only help to recoup the investment a bit but also help me further pay the actors and director for the incredible devotion and commitment they gave to this work.


Estimated Run Time
47 Minutes
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Virtual EventWorld PremierePhilly Theatre Week
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