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Unique Venues of Philly Theatre Week

As we all learned the past two years, theatre is not just what's on a stage. Here’s just a few of the events happening during Philly Theatre Week that prove art can happen anywhere!

After The Before Times

Sunday, April 3, 11:00am; Wednesday, April 6, 11:00am; Thursday, April 7, 11:00am; Friday, April 8, 11:00am; Saturday, April 9, 11:00am; Sunday, April 10, 11:00am
After the Before Times is an immersive installation and performance art video project that explores the climate crisis. Visitors can explore an outdoor installation as well as a 360° digital world that expands the physical installation!


New World Rising!

Linnea Bond
Friday, April 1, 5:00pm & 6:30pm; Saturday, April 2, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, & 3:30pm; Sunday, April 3, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, & 3:30pm; Monday, April 4, 6:30pm;  Friday, April 8, 5:00pm & 6:30pm; Saturday, April 9, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, & 3:30pm; Sunday, April 10, 11:00am & 12:30pm
NWR used anonymous publications, coded briefings, and pirate radio to activate self-organizing collectives willing to "inflict economic damage on those profiteering from destruction of the Earth”. Part immersive performance, part audio play, part walking tour, this roughly 60 minute single audience member ambulatory adventure is back after its sold-out run in the 2021 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.



Community Capital: an Afrofuturism South Philly Walking Experience

April 1 - 10
Originally commissioned as part of the Painted Bride Art’s Center “Power to the Prompt" conversation, Community Capital: an Afrofuturism South Philly Walking Experience, curated and written by TS Hawkins & Lois Moses, illuminates an intersectional poetic expedition of sound and unearthing through the streets of South Philadelphia. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with intergenerational voices searching for an equitable community one neighborhood at a time!



Hella Fresh Theater
April 1-10
Theatre by Mail
A German lawyer tries to make Brigette Helm an American Movie Star in 1930s Hollywood. This piece is presented entirely via mail!

PlaNet Radio

Applied Mechanics
April 1-10
PlaNet Radio is the introductory episode to the otherworldly project OTHER ORBITS which is unfolding over the course of 9 multimedia episodes. Featuring animals, mutants, A.I., thing beings, and the sentient planet itself; you’ll get to eavesdrop on walrus gossip, bop to pop songs created by mushrooms, catch up on historic planetary news and philosophical discourse from the planet’s immortal creatures.
For a full list of events, check out phillytheatreweek.com!
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