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Audience COVID-19 Policy

Audience COVID-19 Policy from Philadelphia Regional Theatres
As of Sep 1, 2021

Due to continuing concern regarding COVID-19 variants, theatres in the Philadelphia region will require audiences to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test* in order to attend indoor performances beginning September 1st. Philadelphia follows in the footsteps of the New York and Chicago theatre sectors who have already implemented these practices. 

Following the current policy of the City of Philadelphia, theatres will also require patrons to be masked at all times during indoor theatre events if all attendees are not vaccinated. 

In addition to wearing masks, audiences may present one of the following:

Proof of Vaccination

Audience members with a valid ticket must show proof of vaccination along with photo ID at their time of entry into the venue. "Fully vaccinated" means the performance date must be at least 14 days after the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna), or at least 14 days after a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). 

Proof of vaccination may be presented as follows along with a valid ID:

  • Electronic Copy

  • Photocopy 

  • Photo

  • Through the Bindle App


Proof of Negative COVID Test*

This includes accommodations for children under 12, people with a medical condition, or individuals with closely held religious beliefs that prevent vaccination. 

 If unable to be vaccinated, guests must provide proof of a COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of the performance start time, or a negative COVID-19 antigen test taken within 6 hours of the performance start time. No home tests will be accepted. 

A list of PCR testing locations in the Philadelphia region can be found here: https://www.phila.gov/covid-testing-sites/

Theatres following this protocol include:
Theatres marked with a (*)  below will only accept proof of vaccination for entry. 

11th Hour Theatre Company*
1812 Productions*
Alterra Productions
Argent Combat Stage Combat
Azuka Theatre*
Brainchild Stageworkx
Bright Invention
CSz Philadelphia
Crossroads Comedy Theater*
Curio Theatre Company*
Delaware Theatre Company
Dramatists Guild
Eagle Theatre
EgoPo Classic Theater*
Hedgerow Theatre Company
The Hum'n'bards Theatre Troupe*
Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium
Inis Nua Theatre Company*
InterAct Theatre Company*
Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective
Lantern Theater Company*
New Light Theatre
People’s Light (Also accepts negative Antigen tests)
Philadelphia Artists’ Collective
Philadelphia Theatre Company*
Philly Improv Theater
Philly PACK
Quintessence Theatre
Revolution Shakespeare
Simpatico Theatre
The Stagecrafters*
Temple Theaters*
Theatre Ariel*
Theatre Exile*
Theatre Horizon*
Theatre in the X
Tiny Dynamite*
Walnut Street Theatre
The Wilma Theater*

Theatres marked with a (*)  above will only accept proof of vaccination for entry. 

The policy listed here is designed to standardize covid regulations in theaters in the Philadelphia region as much as possible.  If not listed above, please check with specific theaters regarding their current COVID policy. Regional theaters with similar, but not identical policies include Bristol Riverside Theatre.

Bindle is a health verification software built to respect privacy, security, and equity in reopening safely. The app allows audience members, employees, and artists to securely store their COVID-19 test and vaccination records, then transform them into entry passes that comply with a venue’s specific entry requirements. It's HIPAA-compliant, requires no special hardware, and strictly maintains all users’ right to privacy. Audiences can learn more about Bindle and download the App at https://joinbindle.com/learnmore/.

Theatres can sign on to this regional policy by clicking here






Theatre Safety and Re-Opening FAQs

Resources for Audiences, Artists, and Theatres

In these “unprecedented times”, unprecedented things are happening: theatre leaders from across the Philadelphia region have created working groups to imagine our new futures, share resources, determine safety protocol, and engage with our community. We want you to know that theatres are committed to the health and well-being of our artists and audiences. So while there’s still a lot we don’t know, there are a few resources we can provide.

The following information is just a start. Feel free to fill out THIS FORM to ask questions, request additional resources, or provide input to Theatre Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Theatre Re-Entry Committee. For more information, contact [email protected].

For Audiences


What are the current Best Practices for theatres in Philadelphia?

What do I do if I attend an event that does not follow guidelines and best practices?

Who is performing and “What’s On-Stage”?

  • Theatre Philadelphia’s What’s On Stage is a searchable, visual calendar of upcoming theatrical events in the Philadelphia region. Learn More at www.theatrephiladelphia.org/whats-on-stage and use the “Category” function to find events by genre or by type, including virtual, live, or outdoor events.

Where can I find resources on accessing popular digital performance platforms?

There are many ways that artists are using digital platforms to share their art and most of the time, they will explain to you how to access their work on the platform they are using. Here are four of the most commonly used platforms, with some tips about how to access them:

  • YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/): YouTube is a huge database of pre-recorded and sometimes live-feed videos. You can access them on your computer or phone. Most productions/performances will give you a link to view.

  • Facebook Live (https://www.facebook.com/): Facebook Live videos are hosted on Facebook and streamed in real-time. You can access them on your computer or phone. You can’t be seen as a viewer, but you can leave comments and questions that the host can see. You do need a Facebook account to participate. Most of the time, you will be given a direct link to watch or directed to a group’s Facebook page. 

  • Zoom (https://zoom.com): Zoom is a video communication platform on your phone or computer; all you need is a link to view, though you do need an account to host a meeting. You can access Zoom on your computer or phone. Some Zoom rooms are participatory, where your video and audio functions are on, but some are in “webinar” format, where only the speakers can be seen or heard. 

  • Instagram Live (https://www.instagram.com/): Instagram Live videos are hosted on Instragram and streamed in real-time. You can access them on your computer or phone. You can’t be seen as a viewer, but you can leave comments and questions that the host can see. You do need an Instagram account to participate. Most of the time, you will be given a direct link to watch or directed to an artist’s Instagram page.

When live performances resume, what are best health and safety practices for audiences?

  • Wear your mask at all times

  • Do not approach performers or workers

  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from others

  • Do not attend events if you have a fever, experienced Coronavirus symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus

Where can I find resources on accessibility, including closed captioned performances, autism friendly programming, and other access information?

How can I help?

The two best ways to help performing arts right now are by making donations directly to your favorite companies or artists, and by contributing to emergency relief funds.

  • Make a Donation to your Favorite Artists or Organizations
    Theatres need your support during this difficult time. If you attend a virtual event or class, please consider making a donation (even if it’s free to attend)! Find a list of companies in our region at www.theatrephiladelphia.org/discover-a-theatre.

  • Make a Donation to an Emergency Relief Program

Due to theatre shut-downs, hundreds of theatre workers, artists, and administrators in our region have lost primary sources of income. One way to show your support is to donate to an Emergency Fund or Program that assists these workers. Funds and programs include: 

For Artists and Theatres

What are the current best practices for event safety?

What do I do if a theatre or an event does not follow guidelines and best practices?

What are the union regulations, tips, and guidelines?

Where can I find resources for creating digital content?

Where can I find more info or assistance with PUA?

Where can I find resources offering financial support for artists or independent contractors?

Where can I find mental health and wellness resources?

Where can I find Anti-Racist resources?

Additional Resources

Q&A / Submit a Resource

  • Feel free to fill out THIS FORM to ask questions, request additional resources, or provide input. For more information, contact [email protected].
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