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Godspell, 2012 Revised Version from New Light Theatre

New Light Theatre is officially in rehearsals for its summer musical, Godspell, 2012 Revised Version, by Stephen Schwartz, conceived by John-Michael Tebelak, in support of REACH Riverside, August 11th through 20th, at the E.O. Bull Center in West Chester, PA, and tickets are now on sale at newlighttheatre.com!

Godspell 2012 is a contemporary updated arrangement of powerhouse musical numbers and exuberant storytelling from a group of friends, invited by Jesus, who have come together to “sing about love.” Through dynamic games and playful takes on parables, a close-knit community is built on the foundational messages of kindness, tolerance and generosity, empowering every person to be the light in the world, and to build a “beautiful city” of humanity, “brick by brick, heart by heart.”

New Light Theatre is dedicated to improving the human condition by partnering each production with thematically connected charitable causes, while also placing a special emphasis on providing opportunities for student and emerging theatre artists to work in a professional setting. In accordance with this mission, Godspell will partner with REACH Riverside, a member of The WRK Group, a nonprofit working to transform Wilmington’s Riverside Neighborhood into a vibrant, healthy place to live and thrive by focusing on three pillars of revitalization: redevelopment, education, and community health. REACH Riverside is building high quality, mixed income housing, creating an education pipeline to enhance opportunities for successful futures, and includes a comprehensive community health program, including play spaces, mental health support, financial literacy and youth engagement. Under the WRK Group, REACH works with Kingswood Community Center, providing food assistance and an array of social services, and The Warehouse, an oasis for teen arts, education and health. To find out more about REACH Riverside’s mission, please visit: https://reachriverside.org/

Godspell is directed by Lena Mucchetti, with musical direction by Tom Mucchetti, and features Charlie Barney, Amanda Belej, Jake Collins, Jerrod Ganesh, Jenna German, Paul Harrold, Dallas Jimmar, Kat Lemon, Katie McQuail, Jessica Money, Aaron Shown, and Alexa Wilder, with choreography by Taylor J. Mitchell, and light design by Aly Docherty. 

Tickets for Godspell are now available for purchase at www.newlighttheatre.com.

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