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Marketing Accelerator Program

Theatre Philadelphia's Marketing Accelerator Program





New Light Theatre is dedicated to improving the human condition by partnering each production with thematically connected charitable causes, while also placing a special emphasis on providing opportunities for student and emerging theatre artists to work in a professional setting. New Light Theatre is committed to bringing light to the darkness of the world, to raising awareness and support for organizations that illuminate, and to deepening our empathy and connection with one another through meaningful artistic work. https://www.newlighttheatre.com/


Applied Mechanics is a visionary, multiracial collective of queer and genderqueer theater artists. We make performances that surround you: in theaters, warehouses, galleries, schools, punk rock venues, in the streets, online, and in your own home. Our work creates lush, layered spaces that envelop the audience. Multiple histories unfold there, and each weaves a different perspective -- you choose which thread to follow. At every turn, there is an invitation: you might choose to join a dinner party, dance at a concert, start a protest, or spin the dial on a radio station. Seating is optional, accessibility is primary, and each audience member creates their own experience. Welcome! We’re so glad you are here. https://www.appliedmechanics.us/



In the 2022-23 Season, Theatre Philadelphia will continue to build our marketing initiatives, develop new programs, and leverage the reach of our organization to raise awareness for organizations and collectives with smaller budget sizes. 

We are pleased to announce the Marketing Accelerator Program, which will provide marketing resources, advertising support through Theatre Philadelphia channels at no cost, and resources to facilitate growth and awareness through marketing.

Through this program, Theatre Philadelphia will support the post-COVID re-building of our theatre industry that more closely reflects the demographics of Philadelphia.


  • Theatre Philadelphia staff will provide 2 marketing consultations at the beginning and end of the residency.
  • Complimentary advertising support will include 3 dedicated newsletters, 3 show listings, 3 Theatre News articles, and 3 Instagram Takeovers during the residency period.
  • Press Support will include highlights in press coverage and public announcements, recommendations for press opportunities throughout the year, and support through a shared press list. 
  • Theatre Philadelphia will be available for 6 support hours of marketing and communications support, to provide feedback on press materials, design, or content campaigns. 


Applications are open to producing artists, organizations, and collectives with an annual budget size of less than $100,000.

An applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Reside within a 35-mile radius of Philadelphia’s City Hall

  • Conduct a majority of theatre programming within a 35-mile radius of Philadelphia’s City Hall

  • Be a past participant of Theatre Philadelphia programs, including: Philly Theatre Week, the Barrymore Awards, Barrymore Adjudication, or Marketing Speaker Series. An individual may also apply if they have previously received a Theatre Philadelphia Emergency Relief grant.

  • Showcase a 3-year production history while working in the Greater Philadelphia region (productions may be live, virtual, or hybrid, as applicable)


  • Applicants must describe the mission or vision of their work

  • Applicants must list their 3-year production history in the Philadelphia region

  • Applicants must provide FY21 and FY22 budgets, as well as an FY23 budget proposal

  • Applicants must provide diversity metrics of their company, productions, leadership, board, or other key participants as applicable

  • Applicants must explain how Theatre Philadelphia’s marketing support will be beneficial to raising awareness and visibility of their work (up to 500 words)

Applications are due July 1 and selections will be announced in July.
The residency period will end on June 30th, 2023.


Theatre Philadelphia will select up to 3 applicants each year. Recipients may be individual artists, fiscally sponsored collectives, or 501 c-3 organizations. Theatre Philadelphia’s volunteer-led Anti-Racist Action Committee will determine selections.

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