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The Barrymore Awards are a nationally recognized symbol of excellence for professional theatre in our region, acknowledging the work produced by local theatres and individual artists while increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of our city's thriving theatre community. The Barrymore Awards also include annual cash awards totaling over $75,000, which strengthen the ability of theatre companies and individual artists to pursue artistic work of the highest caliber.

The Barrymore Awards support the mission of Theatre Philadelphia in its efforts for inclusivity and support of the cultural economy of Philadelphia.

Barrymore Awards Rulebook

Submit 2023-24 Productions (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024)

LATE SUBMISSION POLICY: Barrymore Award adjudication is a multi-stage process which requires coordinating a limited pool of volunteers. As such, Theatre Philadelphia reserves the right to assess our ability to approve a late submission on a case-by-case basis, especially during times with higher submission traffic. We will email the producing company’s contact if we are not able to adjudicate a production in the time frame given. All submissions later than eight weeks before the first performance are subject to a $25 Rush Fee.


In addition to celebrating and honoring our theatre community's collective achievements, Theatre Philadelphia seeks to leverage the Barrymore Awards to provide high-value marketing exposure for all participating theatres and artists. We use this website, social media and other marketing and programmatic initiatives to inform the general public about the ambitious theatre being created here in Philadelphia, to drive audience attendance to Barrymore participating productions, and to promote the Barrymore Recommended brand as a recognizable indicator of excellence.


Theatre companies may submit professional productions for Barrymore Award consideration in accordance with our eligibility rules, which are fully described in the BARRYMORE RULEBOOK. Please read and review the rules and regulations for the Barrymore adjudication process in the link. If your production meets the requirements, then submit your production at the link below.


As a reminder, for your production to be considered eligible, you must meet the artist payment requirements and minimum performance requirements.

The participation fee per production is $150.00, which includes exciting marketing benefits. Each participating production will receive the following promotional opportunities:

Barrymore Award Participation Fees
Cost: $150 per production
Participation Includes:

  • Adjudication in our annual awards program, with potential for nomination and award at season's end
  • Organization Page on Website
  • Show Page on Website
  • A Highlight in the Weekly e-newsletter
  • A Highlight on Social Media
  • Inclusion in paid Digital Marketing efforts
  • Some productions may be exempt from payment minimums, see Waiver for Companies Led by Artists of Color in Rulebook


-For productions that are submitted with less than eight weeks before the first performance, a $25 Rush Fee will be added to the invoice.

-Special Considerations: If a company is submitting to the Barrymore’s for the first time, the period is shortened to four weeks before the first performance. Also, if a company is applying for a Waiver for Companies Led by Artists of Color, an adjustment to the submission period can be requested.

-After submission, an invoice for the submission fee will be sent at the time the production is verified as eligible. The producer will have until 4 weeks before the first performance to either mail a check or pay online. If the invoice still hasn’t been paid with less than 4 weeks before the first performance, a reminder will be sent and the producer will have a week to remit payment. If payment has not been sent a week after the reminder, a $25 Late Fee will be placed on the invoice.

-Bulk Submissions: If a company is submitting many productions at once, they are only expected to remit payment for productions one at a time. Companies can pay for more than one submission fee at a time but are still expected to follow the 4-week payment policy per production.

-Special Considerations: If a company is submitting to the Barrymore’s for the first time, the producer can submit payment up to one week after the final performance. Also, if a company is applying for a Waiver for Companies Led by Artists of Color, an adjustment to the submission period can be requested.

Producers who do not remit payment of their fees are at risk of having their production not eligible for adjudication. If payments are outstanding at the close of the season, Theatre Philadelphia reserves the right to pull the production from award consideration in the Judge’s final nominating meetings.


Barrymore Recommended indicates that at least one element/category of a production was deemed excellent by a majority of the eight Barrymore Nominators that are assigned to each submitted production. Barrymore Recommended productions move on to the Barrymore Judges for further consideration and are eligible for Barrymore Award nominations at the end of the theatre season. The Barrymore Recommended designation also invites access to expanded promotional opportunities that are designed to provide an extra promotional push during the rest of your production's run, while also driving traffic to your website and promoting our Philadelphia theatre community.


To get started, please download a copy of the Barrymore Awards Rulebook and submit your production at this link. If you have questions about the eligibility of your production, please contact our Operations & Programs Coordinator at [email protected].


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We thank you for your interest and participation in the Barrymore Awards adjudication process.

Barrymore Oversight Committee – 2022/23 Season

Rachel Camp, Chair • Cathy Simpson • Becky Bradbeer • Charlie DelMarcelle • Eli Lynn • Jessica Johnson • KC MacMillan • Tai Verley • Meredith Beck • Ryk Lewis • Polly Edelstein

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