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Auditions for "HAMLET" by William Shakespeare

PCS Theatre

Post Date: Jul 2, 2024

Audition Information:
**Date:** Monday, July 22nd
**Time:** 6:30-10:00pm
**Location:** PCS Theater 614 Fairview Rd. Swarthmore, PA

Please fill out audition for here if interested: https://bit.ly/HamletAuditions

If you cannot attend in person, please contact director Matt Carter ([email protected]) to inquire about video submissions.

Callbacks (by invitation only): Monday, July 29th from 6:30-10:00pm

Synopsis: Upon learning that his father the King has tragically perished, Prince Hamlet returns to his ancestral home, the decadent Elsinore mansion. His dismay deepens when he discovers that his uncle Claudius has seized the throne for himself and married Hamlet’s mother, the Queen. Hamlet soon becomes obsessed with unraveling and revealing the truth behind his father’s untimely demise. As the prince attempts to navigate a web of deceitful courtiers and traitorous friends, his uncle and the rest of the court work to discover the root of his newfound mania before more blood is shed within the elegant walls of Elsinore.

Cast Breakdown/Requirements:
- All roles are open.
- Gender-blind casting is welcome.

All roles are unpaid, volunteer positions.

The Royal Family:
- HAMLET: The Prince, heir to Elsinore.
- CLAUDIUS: The King, lord of Elsinore.
- GERTRUDE: The Queen, lady of Elsinore.
- THE GHOST: A twisted shade, the unholy spirit of the deceased King.

Polonius's Household:
- POLONIUS: Chief advisor to Claudius.
- OPHELIA: Polonius’s daughter (requires singing).
- LAERTES: Polonius’s son.
- REYNALDA: Polonius’s loyal assistant.

Esteemed Guests:
- HORATIO: Hamlet’s trusted friend.
- ROSENCRANTZ: Hamlet’s childhood friend.
- GUILDENSTERN: Hamlet’s childhood friend.

Staff of the Royal Manor:
- FRANCISCO: A valet.
- BERNARDO: A butler/maid.
- MARCELLUS: The chamberlain.
- 1st GRAVEDIGGER: A groundskeeper.
- 2nd GRAVEDIGGER: A groundskeeper.
- OSRIC: A butler/maid.

Some roles will be doubled with at least one other role.

Four of the “Staff” will also portray “The Players,” a mysterious group of traveling performers that put on a murderous show for the Royal Family.

Link to full audition announcement and registration: https://bit.ly/HamletAuditions

How To Apply

Audition Requirements:
- Prepare a 1-2 minute Shakespearean (or Jacobean) monologue. Memorization is encouraged but not required.
- Monologues can be from "Hamlet", another Shakespeare play, or a classical play from the same period. Choose a piece you enjoy!
*Callbacks will consist of cold reads from the script.*

Please fill out audition for here if interested: https://bit.ly/HamletAuditions


*PCS Theatre is a non-profit organization. All roles are volunteer and non-paying.*
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