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Theatre Philadelphia is in a stage of experimentation for what the 2022/2023 Barrymores should or will look like. Working as a group and on subcommittees, this year's BOC will be tasked once again with making proposals to adjust and shape the program to the current needs of the community.
The Barrymore Oversight Committee (BOC) is one of Theatre Philadelphia's committee of volunteers. Group members are active participants in the theater community, ranging in profession. The BOC meets approximately 6-8 times a year and also corresponds via email to discuss the Barrymore Program rulebook, eligibility, communication, adjudication, and other aspects of the execution and development of the Barrymore Awards program. The BOC takes responsibility for problem solving within the program, and it drafts proposals for adjustments for approval by the Theatre Philadelphia Board.
Previous accomplishments of the BOC include:
  • Drafting and approval of new awards (Ex: the Outdoor Theater Award)
  • Development of new methods of adjudication (Ex: 24 Judges Divided by Panel instead of 12 Judges in 1 Group)
  • Evolution of Eligibility requirements (Ex: A waiver of fees for companies led by BIPOC Artistic Directors)
  • Award format experiments and changes (Ex: De-gendering the Acting award categories)
  • Producing and synthesizing community surveys / holding community forums to adequately assess the needs and desires of companies and artists in the community as they apply to the Barrymore Awards
  • Annual selection of the Nominators and Judges who serve as 100+ community Adjudicators for the season.

If this work sounds exciting to you, please fill out this form no later than Monday, February 21st: https://forms.gle/5BabrHsKovidQiq78

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