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Practitioner Industry Card Application

(July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023)

Theatre Philadelphia's Industry Card Program is designed to expand industry discounts for those who work in theatre in the Philadelphia region. Through this program, Theatre Philadelphia seeks to:

  • Foster an equitable and inclusive theatre-going experience for local theatre practitioners.

  • Ease the purchasing process for theatre practitioners, and in turn simplify procedures for theatre box offices.

  • Establish an easy-to-use benefits card, with perks including access to information about industry discounts at participating theatre organizations, a comprehensive monthly newsletter of shows and events, as well as special promotional offers throughout the year. 

  • Share regular industry updates and company news!

Enrollment into the 2022-23 program is free of cost to theatre practitioners.

The 2022-2023 Industry Card will be valid through June 30, 2023. This year, industry card enrollment is free of cost to theatre practitioners. Please read on to learn more about the program.


What are the Cardholder Benefits?

  • Personalized Theatre Philadelphia Industry Card will be honored as "proof of industry" in order to access discounts at participating organizations

  • Monthly cardholder newsletter with information about industry offerings, discounts, news, and updates

  • A comprenehsive guide of offerings from participating organizations

  • Plus One Perks - The ability to purchase a guest ticket at the industry rate at select organizations

Who Can Enroll?

Individuals who work in the theatre industry within a 35-mile radius of Philadelphia City Hall are eligible to apply. Individuals will submit an online application to Theatre Philadelphia along with verification of eligibility. Accepted materials include but are not limited to: business card, headshot/resume, paystub, link to website, company email address, or digital/printed marketing materials. Theatre Philadelphia reserves the right to determine eligibility based on information provided.

How will the Benefits be administered?

Once an individual enrolls in the Industry Benefits Program and their eligibility is verified, Theatre Philadelphia will mail a personalized, easy-to-carry Industry Card. Individuals will be able to use their Industry Card through the season (from July 1st to June 30th of the following year). 

Will I still be able to access an industry discount at Participating Organizations without the card?

Organizations who offer industry discounts will continue to allot discounts at their box offices and will accept other forms of "proof" at their own discretion. However, our program offers an easy-to-use system for finding industry discounts and provides added benefits like a +1 industry ticket perk.

Other information to note this year?

Many theatres and organizations are still planning their seasons. While we will do the best we can to provide a comprehensive preview of discounts, opportunities, and news in advance, we will also send updated information as we learn more through newsletters or correspondence. In past years, Theatre Philadelphia Industry Card was $25 for theatre practitioners. This year, Theatre Philadelphia Industry Card will be offered to practitioners at no cost. 



Participate as an Organization

Submit your show’s industry benefit or your industry news to distribute to theatre artists and workers across the region.

$40/Annual Participation for Organizations
Valid July 1, 2022 -June 30, 2023

This fee will include additional benefits and will be utilized as follows:

-Marketing benefits: Your industry news and industry benefits will be shared with practitioners upon enrollment, and distributed to practitioners across the region on a monthly basis.
-Box office benefits: The Industry Card program is a standardized regional proof-of-industry program that fosters an equitable and inclusive theatre-going experience for local theatre practitioners.
-Administration: This fee will support Theatre Philadelphia's administrative efforts to facilitate the Industry Card program.
-Practitioner Support: Recognizing that individual practitioners were impacted by COVID-19, this fee will allow our region's theatre workers to register for Theatre Philadelphia's industry card and receive industry news at no cost.

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