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Tour Manager

Theater Unspeakable and Let's Make History Productions LLC

Post Date: Feb 1, 2024

Theater Unspeakable and Let’s Make History Productions is seeking a Stage Manager for 2024.


Theater Unspeakable is a devised, physical theater company based in Chicago with a proven track record of touring nationally and Let’s Make History Productions is dedicated to producing Theater Unspeakable’s show “The American Revolution”.


The Tour Manager will be responsible for the successful operation and completion of a Theatre Unspeakable tour. They coordinate all aspects of the tour and work diligently to provide an informed, safe, welcoming, professional, and enjoyable atmosphere for all actors and staff involved with the tour. The Tour Manager is a position of authority and not a service position. However, the Tour Manager should be prepared to respond to the needs of the actors and staff accompanying them on the tour.


The Stage Manager is generally responsible for everything that happens INSIDE of the theatre space. The Tour Manager is generally responsible for everything that happens OUTSIDE of the theatre space. The Tour Manager and Stage Manager must be in constant communication. A supportive working relationship between these two roles is essential.


Tour Manager Duties Include

1.    Creating, sharing, and updating tour itinerary that clearly shows daily activities and need-to-knows for each day on tour

2.    Interfacing with paying clients regarding arrival time, load-in, load-out, tech rehearsal time, dressing rooms, lodging, and catering

3.    Obtaining payment cheque from clients upon day of first performance

4.    Picking up tour vehicle in Philadelphia and returning tour vehicle to same location at the completion of tour

5.    Picking up the platform from storage, assisting with loading of platform into vehicle from storage, returning platform to storage location at the completion of tour

6.    Driving tour vehicle to and from venue in a safe and professional manner

7.    Assisting with load-in and load-out

8.    Represent TU the company professionally and competently in the presence of our clients

Other Duties as required

1.    Coordinating flight/train travel of actors and staff

2.    Booking lodging with TU payment method

3.    Holding regular Office Hours with actors and staff while on tour to ensure best possible working environment

4.    Familiarity with TU's Chicago Theatre Standards document

5.    Shipping platform in cases via UPS


1.    21+ years of age

2.    Valid Driver's License

3.    High skill level in empathy and communication

4.    Comfortable driving 15-passenger van


This is a Contract position. The pay will be $1200 plus per diem for travel days.

The position starts April 4th and work will end on June 2, 2024.

The person should be based in the Philadelphia area.

How To Apply

Please email Marc at [email protected] with a brief letter of interest and your resume. Subject line should read “Tour Manager Applicant - FirstName LastName”


$1200 plus per diems for travel days
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