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Summer Camp Manager

The Media Theatre

Post Date: Jun 3, 2024

The Media Theatre is seeking additional staff, specifically a CAMP MANAGER for their 2024 Camp Media Theatre program.

Camp Media Theatre runs June 17 - August 30 from 9am - 4pm. Mon-Fri. Candidates may have full or partial weeks availability. Expectations of the role listed below:


  • Assists in the in guiding, supervising and overseeing all staff hired for the summer season, including: Instructors, Counselors and Volunteers. 
  • Oversees all day-to-day activities, and sets the appropriate schedules for a typical day during Camp Media, which includes but is not limited to: Activity Blocks & Games, Warmups and icebreakers, Camp Concert rehearsals, Appropriate “Free time” for campers
  • Assigns the aforementioned staff to specific schedule blocks and ensures that at all times there are at least two staff members in each camper location, which may result in the Camp Manager stepping in as a supervisory staff responsibility for camp activities.
  • Fills in as needed when needed on all activity, rehearsal and free blocks during each camp day.
  • Acts as one of the primary contacts between Campers & Parents, coordinating any special pickup / dropoff needs for campers throughout the days, and contacts parents should the need arise via the camper.
  • Sets and executes the disciplinary course should it be necessary for campers and staff alike, in accordance with the Company Handbook
  • Files a weekly report to the administrative team via email on all happenings during the course of camp from goals achieved to obstacles endured.
  • One of the responsible parties for opening and closing the building before and after camp hours, ensuring all valuable items are locked and stored appropriately. 
  • Works with the current camp staff in creating a successful Camp Concert to present the second Friday of each camp, culminating in a final product to show family and friends.
  • Works as the link between Camp Staff and their concert needs and the administrative/production staff in running the Camp Concert.
  • Assists Camp Staff in the creating of their camp concert content and assesses needs to create a suitable product.

How To Apply

TO APPLY: Please send resume to [email protected] to apply. Applications and interviews are accepted on a rolling basis, as this is an immediate hire.


$20-$25 per hour, commensurate with experience
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