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HS / Resume submissions for Suzan-Lori Parks' Father Comes Home from the Wars

Quintessence Theatre

Post Date: Mar 18, 2024

Quintessence Theatre is currently accepting headshot, resume and video submissions for all roles in its upcoming production of Suzan-Lori Parks' Father Comes Home from the Wars, directed by Raelle Myrick Hodges.

First Rehearsal: May 1, 2024. Opening: June 1, 2024. Closing: June 23, 2024.

Hero, an enslaved Texan, is offered a deal - to join his master in the Confederate army with the promise of emancipation if he survives — or to remain with his true love Penny and work the plantation. Creating a new Black American history cycle, Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks changes our perspective on the American Civil War and dramatizes the events leading up to Juneteenth. 

Character Breakdown:

Hero (30s – 40s) is an enslaved Texan and the protagonist. Loyal to Boss-Master despite his abuse and disloyalty, Hero chooses to stay with Boss-Master even when opportunities to escape arise. By the end of the play, Hero remains loyal, but chooses his own identity.

Boss-Master (50s – 60s) also called “the Colonel,” owns slaves Hero, Homer, Penny and others. Dishonest and manipulative, Boss-Master periodically promises Hero freedom in exchange for huge requests he makes of him, but never follows through.

Homer (30s – 50s) Homer is an enslaved person. On Boss-Master’s orders, Hero cut off Homer’s foot when he tried to escape. He lives with Hero and falls in love with Hero’s wife, Penny.

Penny (20s – 40s) is Hero’s wife and remains emotionally loyal to Hero. When he returns from the war with a new wife, however, she takes agency over her own life and decides to run north.

Odd-See or Odyssey is Hero’s good-luck dog. He runs off after Hero kicks him. And returns at the end, having spent the play searching for his master, staying loyal despite the abuse.

Smith (30s – 40s) is a Union soldier wounded and captured by the Colonel. He reveals his true identity—a Black man who can “pass” as white—to Hero when he tries to convince Hero to abandon Boss-Master and join the Union army.

The Oldest Old Man (60s – 80s) lives with Hero on Boss-Master’s land. He offers advice to Hero and treats him like a son but abandons him when he hears how Hero betrayed Homer.

The Chorus (20s – 60s) is a group of four enslaved persons whose conversations give the audience information and insight.

How To Apply

Please send submissions to [email protected]


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