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Head Stage Lighting Technician

Villanova Theatre

Post Date: Jun 13, 2024

Job Description:

Villanova Theatre seeks a Head Stage Lighting Technician to work with the Technical Director, Production Manager, and Lighting Designers to plan and execute the lighting design for Villanova Theatrical Productions. The Head Stage Lighting Technician will supervise graduate and undergraduate student crews in the hang of the lighting rep plots and the modifications and additions to these rep plots as specified by production lighting designers. The Head Stage Lighting Technician will attend all lighting focus days and supervise the focus of the light plot with the assistance of the lighting designer. In addition, the Head Stage Lighting Technician will assist with wiring, cabling, programming, and troubleshooting of all onstage lighting effects & practicals. The Head Stage Lighting Technician will attend all light hangs, light focuses, technical rehearsals, previews, and light strikes for each Villanova Theatre production.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and train students in the proper hanging and focusing of lighting instruments.
  • Work with the Lighting Designers to achieve the lighting design for each production.
  • Work with the Technical Director to schedule and plan light hang and light focus work calls.
  • Work with the Technical Director to purchase any necessary lighting equipment, templates, or lamps to achieve the lighting design as specified by the Lighting Designers.
  • Serve as programmer for Lighting Designers, as requested.
  • Train and mentor light board operators in the programming of light cues and assist them during all technical rehearsals.
  • Restore the hang/focus of each lighting rep plot after each production including.
  • Provide additional lighting & electrics support as requested.
  • This position will not access Villanova University Infrastructure Electrical Systems nor tie into any electrical panel. Must work with Villanova Facilities Electricians on any further electrical needs.

How To Apply

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Between $20 and $25 Per Hour
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