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Costume Shop Manager

Villanova Theatre

Post Date: Jun 18, 2024

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of Villanova Theatre’s Production Manager, the Costume Shop Manager will manage the costume shop and implement costume elements for all Villanova Theatre Department productions. This includes graduate department productions (main stage productions, academic or special events, graduate Studio Show, and thesis projects), undergraduate student group productions (including Villanova Student Theatre and Villanova Student Musical Theatre), and other events as designated by the Artistic Director and Department Chair. The Costume Shop Manager will teach costume construction skills to graduate and undergraduate student workers. Additional responsibilities may include costume designing one (1) main stage production a year or taking over a design due to loss of a designer, and mentoring student thesis costume designers.

Duties include supervising all the following: Build, modify, shop for and pull from stock all costumes for Villanova Theatre productions; Schedule, train, and supervise all costume construction, measurements, and fittings; Shop for all costume accessories, make-up, and hair/wigs; Oversee all artistic needs of hired and/or student costume designers (CD), which includes director/CD communications and rehearsal/performance notes; Supervise costume stock maintenance, donations, and rentals; Organize dressing rooms, student wardrobe managers, and photo shoot costumes/make-up/wigs; Budget (accounting and estimating) for each Villanova Theatre production and reconcile credit card/cash advances for all costume related expenditures; Attend all meetings and functions required by the department, which include, but are not limited to: design meetings, production meetings, season selection meetings, staff/faculty meetings, graduate assistant (GA) applicant interviews, incumbent GA evaluation interviews, technical rehearsals and preview performances, opening nights, and other events as assigned by the Artistic Director or Department Chair. Costume Shop Manager may serve on additional committees or Thesis panels and will fulfill duties as required.

If serving as costume designer on a production: design and research costumes, complete costume sketches/designs to the satisfaction of the show’s Director and department Production Manager, attend design presentations, run-throughs, technical rehearsals, and preview performances.

Position Duties:

Flexible work schedule required (i.e., weekday and nights, weekend days and nights)

Titles of Positions Supervised: Assistant Costume Shop Manager, VT Graduate Assistants, VST/VSMT creative (i.e. designers) and production personnel (i.e. costume assistants, wardrobe crew, makeup, etc.), Other VST/VSMT volunteers, Workstudy students consisting of wardrobe managers and costume technicians, Overhire/Independent Contractor personnel consisting of costume designers, cutter/drapers, firsthands, stitchers, craft builders, and hair/wig designers.

Villanova is a Catholic university sponsored by the Augustinian Order. Diversity and inclusion have been and will continue to be an integral component of Villanova University’s mission. The University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and seeks candidates who understand, respect and can contribute to the University’s mission and values.

50% of Time

  • Manage immediate, mid-range, and long-range costume-related production goals, involving costume construction, production deadlines, design adherence and research, progress reporting and communications, personnel scheduling, and safety procedures
  • Teach costume construction skills to graduate/undergraduate student workers.
  • Work with wardrobe crew in preparation for production including creating paperwork to be used during technical rehearsals and throughout the run of the production.

15% of Time

  • Budget and Purchasing: Maintain and advise on yearly budgets for productions and all other budgets concerning VT.
  • Mentor and track undergraduate student groups regarding budgets.
  • Reconcile credit card charges using Concur, keep shop budget up to date and in line with Villanova Theatre’s Business manager’s specifications.
  • Zelle reimbursement for students or individuals approved to use their own monies including Zelle expense report for all cash reimbursement. Purchase all costume pieces and supplies for VT including graduate productions, VST, VSMT, and other related projects.

15% of Time

  • Attend department meetings and events including staff meetings, production meetings and kick-off meetings, season selection meetings, committee meetings, opening nights, orientation and graduation events, department conferences (PTRS), and other all-staff events as designated by the Artistic Director and Chair of the Department.
  • Attend all technical rehearsals for Villanova Theatre productions including technical run-throughs and preview performances as needed.
  • Attend design run-throughs and design meetings as requested by Production Manager or Director.

10% of Time

  • Supervise costume stock maintenance and rentals to Villanova organizations and Philadelphia theatre community; plan trips between costume shop in the Mullen Center and costume stock in Farley Hall on the west campus.
  • Supervise the coding of all costume pieces returning to stock, so they are put away in the location of choice.

10% of Time

  • Perform additional duties and assist with special projects as assigned by the Production Manager, Artistic Director, or Department Chair. These may include:

1). Committee meetings as assigned

2). Thesis advising for costume design thesis projects

3). Costume Design of a Villanova Theatre production

4). Additional projects

Formal Education

  • Bachelors Degree required. Preferably in a theatre design or technology or related field, or equivalent experience.

Work Experience

  • Five (5) years of technical theatre/event experience as it relates to costume construction, costume tracking, wardrobe, hair/wig design, makeup, and other related costume/event functions; experience managing costume crews.

Work Skills (e.g., written and verbal communication skills)

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Leadership and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Teaching and supervising
  • Project Planning and management
  • Labor management
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Collaboration and coordination
  • Diagnostic, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to improvise in a changing environment
  • Working knowledge of computer systems

Specific Job Knowledge (e.g., knowledge of principles and procedures related to field and area

  • Knowledge of costume construction including but not limited to:
  1. Cutting patterns
  2. Sewing and costume construction
  3. Dyeing and distressing
  4. Fabrics and textiles
  5. Costume sourcing
  6. Hand stitching
  7. Machine stitching
  8. Budgeting
  9. Costume Tracking/Wardrobe Experience
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of theatre/event staging as it relates to costume design, construction, and wardrobe/costume tracking
  • Demonstrated experience working with creative personnel, supervising/teaching costume construction and wardrobe crew, and experience working in an educational environment.

Equipment Knowledge

  • Operative knowledge of all types of sewing machines:
  1. Home sewing machines
  2. Industrial sewing machines
  3. Overlock machines
  4. Blind hemmers
  5. Industrial irons
  6. Embroidery machine
  7. 3D printer
  • Operative knowledge of:
  1. Washing and drying machines
  2. Irons
  3. Power drills
  4. Grommet setters
  5. Airbrushers
  6. Hot glue guns
  7. Blow dryers
  8. Curling irons
  9. Online and store shopping

Computer skills and Software:

  • Basic computer, copy, and phone skills
  • M/S Office Suite

Preferred Qualifications:

Formal Education

  • MFA in Costume Design or Technical Theatre preferred.

Work Experience

  • Seven (7) years of technical theatre/event experience as it relates to costume construction, costume tracking, wardrobe, hair/wig design, makeup, and other related costume/event functions; experience managing costume crews.

Physical Requirements and/or Unusual Work Hours:

1) Working Conditions/Environment: (conditions, if known, which may impact the incumbent working in this position)

a.) Tools, machinery and equipment used: Sewing machines, Overlock machines, Steam irons, Steamers, Mallets, Pliers, Leather punch, Scissors, Screwdrivers, Embroidery machine, 3D printer, CRICUT

b.) Environmental conditions: (any unusual/adverse conditions such as exposure to chemicals, noise, illumination, air quality, weather exposure, etc.)

  • Costume Shop Workspace: exposure to fabric fibers, aerosols, fabric cleaning products, glues, hair and makeup products, room temperature fluctuation, and paints.
  • Farley Costume Storage: no ventilation system, dusty environment.
  • Laundry Room: no ventilation system, exposure to laundry supplies (detergents, bleaches, etc.), dyes, paints, glues, aerosols for disinfecting
  • Basement Storage Room: no ventilation, dust, storage of wood and other scenery supplies stored in the same area.
  • Paint booth in scene shop: Exposure to shoe paint and spray paint

c.) Physical requirements: (items such as lifting, pushing, pulling, standing or sitting for extended periods of time, manual dexterity, walking, etc.) Lifting up to 40 pounds (clothing, supplies, equipment, etc.), use of stairs, standing for 5+ hours a day (cutting table, measurements, fittings, etc.), Reaching overhead, use of step stools (high shelves, costume racks, etc.), manual dexterity (hand sewing, etc.)

How To Apply

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Median Salary $66,900 *Commensurate with Experience
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